Venue Protection

We exhaustively research facilities and properties, interview staff and craft venue protection strategies to blend with daily operations. We inform our customers at all stages of the planning process. This assures successful implementation and acceptance.

We protect 1,000s of venues each year based on what our clients want most: security from their point of view. This means we:

  • shutterstock_118163095Review current facility security with management staff
  • Interview on-site security and managerial staff
  • Create profiles of event operations / VIP entrances / exits
  • Present venue protection plans that seamlessly work with event operations
  • We train facility staff and executives on our custom protection plans
  • Educate all personnel regarding safety-first policies


We offer real-time event / venue protection status surveillance and monitoring systems. This allows on-line viewing of operations and security status at all time in real-time. In addition, we:

    • Continually update each venue event in detail
    • Report agent – VIP arrival / all security measures / agent – VIP departure
    • Log all actions at each venue

NEPS Worldwide assigns only the highest caliber security personnel. This assures low turnover and maximum satisfaction.