NEPS Worldwide focuses on five service areas:

Corporate and Special Events
We customize our security teams to blend seamlessly with your corporate or special event. NEPS works corporate and special events in major markets and remote locations in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our on-site plainclothes security agents can provide coverage that is highly-visible or blend-in while still offering complete security for you, specialty properties, personnel and the general public.

VIP, Executive Protection
Our EP agents offer highly-personalized protection, including advance scouting, awareness training and scenario planning. We also provide child protection and an anti-stalker unit.

Film Anti-Piracy
NEPS Worldwide protects thousands of screens and billions of dollars’ worth of intellectual property for advance screening of feature films to trade and public. We use highly-effective, non-invasive techniques and specially-trained plainclothes agents. We also provide industrial property security and investigation of fraudulent merchandise and IP theft.

Secured Courier Service
NEPS courier services are designed to adhere to the highest security standards in the industry. We work with each customer to deliver a secure, discreet, end-to-end delivery service customized to their unique security needs.

Investigative Services
We offer investigative and detailed event scene research for specialized workplace and personal issues, including employee integrity, incident reconstruction and discreet reconnaissance.

Venue Protection
We exhaustively research facilities and properties, interview staff and craft venue protection strategies to blend with daily operations. We inform our customers at all stages of the planning process. This assures successful implementation and acceptance.