Security issues that caught our eye | 4th week of September

This week, NPR published a worthwhile think piece on how police officers use force. Kaste, the author, examines the issue through contrasting styles — one which teaches strategies of de-escalation, and others which call for “swift and sure” actions to bring situations under control.  This article connects to larger discussions on how our environment has been militarized after September 11th. (It’s interesting to note the absolutist language in the adherents of the “swift and sure” method. Is there a real-world scenario in which they would be unable to justify their actions?)

This week, the high-level discussions on the ebola outbreak took an interesting turn when President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly. What are the consequences of framing the call to action in terms of “investments” and “national” security? How else might action be catalyzed? The power of Africa’s governing bodies has been redistributed and in some cases eroded by the ubiquitous presence and power of non-profit organizations, and while all of them are calling for more action, what does this suggest about hierarchies of power in Africa?

A group of Israeli intel soldiers refuse to serve in any capacity connected with the occupation of Palestinian territories. Something to keep an eye on.

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